Professional Pressure Washing

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Professional Pressure Washing

A key difference between soft washing and pressure washing, which you may have gathered from the names, is that one uses high pressure and the other uses a lower pressure. Pressure washing, or power washing, uses high-pressure water that runs anywhere from 1300 to 3100 PSI. Meanwhile, soft washing uses much less power and simply acts like a strong powered hose.

Another difference is what comes out of the hose with soft washing vs. pressure washing. While a pressure wash relies on the high-pressure water alone to clean properly, soft washing systems use a combination of soaps, chemicals, and water to ensure your concrete patios, pool areas and decks stay clean for the long term.

4Pro Power Washing is the leading provider of professional pressure washing and soft services in the Newburyport, MA area.

We’ve been pressure washing  concrete patios, walkways and pool decks for over 4 years, so we know what it takes to make your concrete patio, walkway, fence or wooden deck look new again. Our team will come out to your property with all the equipment necessary to provide an excellent service that leaves your patio or walkway clean and looking like new.

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